The Xylaria names proposed by C. G. Lloyd

Yu-Ming Ju, Huei-Mei Hsieh, Shannon Dominick

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Seventy-one new Xylaria names that C. G. Lloyd proposed are annotated herein. Type and/or authentic materials of these names, when available, were studied. Twenty-four of these—including X. beccarii, X. brasiliensis, X. chordaeformis, X. cuneata, X. divisa, X. fimbriata, X. humosa, X. kedahae, X. luteostromata, X. luxurians, X. maumeei, X. morganii, X. muscula, X. nigrescens, X. nodulosa, X. papulis, X. partita, X. petchii, X. praefecta, X. radicans, X. reinkingii, X. reticulata, X. stromatica, and X. theissenii—are considered correct names for distinct species, and four of these—including X. bipindensis, X. clavus, X. cuspidata, and X. muscandae—are for probably distinct species. Illustrations for these species are provided. Thirty names are treated as synonyms or probable synonyms of those published earlier. Thirteen names remain uncertain to us because their type materials are immature or lacking fungal elements except for X. stromafera, of which we were unable to study the type material. A cross-index and an identification key to the Xylaria names that Lloyd proposed are also provided.


nomenclature, systematics, U. S. National Fungus Collections (BPI), Xylariaceae



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