Leucoagaricus sabinae (Agaricaceae), a new species from the Dominican Republic

Alfredo Justo, Claudio Angelini, Alberto Bizzi, Alfredo Vizzini

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Leucoagaricus sabinae is proposed as a new species based on material collected in the Dominican Republic. This taxon is characterized macroscopically by the relatively small size, the dull gray-pink pileus, yellow gills immediately turning pink when touched and the ever-present white velar residues on the margin of the pileus. Microscopically the vaguely metachromatic to non-metachromatic spores, the scarce, cylindrical-flexuous cheilocystidia and the piles covering elements with parietal pigment are diagnostic. Based on molecular data (nrLSU, nrITS) this species belongs in the Leucoagaricus/Leucocoprinus clade of the Agaricaceae.


Lepiotaceaous fungi, Agaricales, Caribbean, phylogeny

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2015.010.005


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