Inonotus macrosporus sp. nov. (Fungi: Basidiomycota: Hymenochaetales) on live Fraxinus nigra in Wisconsin, United States of America

J. Ginns

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A new species of Inonotus is proposed because it has a unique combination of morphological characters. No other species of the Hymenochaetaceae has all of these features (1) a pileate basidioma, (2) a duplex context, (3) large, pigmented, thick-walled basidiospores, (4) tramal setal hyphae, and (5) hymenial setae. The generic placement of the fungus is discussed and several similar species are differentiated from it.


setae; setal hyphae; polypore taxonomy; Fraxinus; Inonotus; Basidiomycota; new species



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