Balansia hypoxylon (Ascomycota: Clavicipitaceae) in Canada: a mycosymbiont with Danthonia spicata (Poaceae)

J. Ginns

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A description of Balansia hypoxylon, based primarily upon relatively recent Canadian collections from 1981 and 1983, is presented. Because B. hypoxylon is known in Canada from only 11 collections it is perceived as being rare. The range of the fungus in Canada is extended from Nova Scotia into southeastern Ontario. This note, hopefully, will encourage surveys to define the northern limit of the fungus and determine whether it is rare in Canada or simply overlooked.


Balansia hypoxylon; Acremonium; Atkinsonella hypoxylon; Ephelis; Clavicipitaceae; Canadian fungi; endophytic fungi; mycosymbiont; Danthonia spicata; Poaceae



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