Hypogymnia pulverata (Parmeliaceae) and Collema leptaleum (Collemataceae), two macrolichens new to Alaska

Peter R. Nelson, James Walton, Heather Root, Toby Spribille

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Hypogymnia pulverata is a foliose macrolichen distinguished by its solid medulla and laminal soredia. Though widespread in Asia, it is considered rare in North America, where it is currently known from three widely separated locations in Québec, Oregon, and Alaska.  We document the first report of this species from Alaska and from several new localities within south-central and southwestern Alaska. Collema leptaleum is a non-stratified, foliose cyanolichen distinguished by its multicellular, fusiform ascospores and a distinct exciple cell type. It is globally distributed, known most proximately from Kamchatka, Japan and eastern North America, but considered rare in Europe. It has not heretofore been reported from western North America. We report it from three locations in south-central Alaska.


North America; Alaska; biogeography; lichens; Hypogymina; Collema

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2011.006.007


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