New species of Pouzarella (Entolomataceae, Agaricales) from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica

Timothy J. Baroni, Sharon A. Cantrell, Omar Paíno Perdomo-Sánchez, D. Jean Lodge

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Four new species of Pouzarella are described from the Dominican Republic and this report is the first of this genus from Hispaniola. A new variety of one of these newly described species is also described from Jamaica. Crinipellis (Pouzarella)squamifolia, previously described from Jamaica by Murrill, is also discussed and illustrated. A new record for the Dominican Republic, P. caribaea, is also reported. We now know of seven species and varieties of Pouzarella from the Greater Antillean islands in the Caribbean.


Agarics; Caribbean islands; Crinipellis; Entolomataceae; Greater Antilles; key to species Pouzarella; taxonomy



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