Woody desert puffballs of the Pacific Northwest 1: Chlamydopus meyenianus

Lorelei L. Norvell, Joseph F. Ammirati, Scott A. Redhead

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Observation of a population of Chlamydopus meyenianus over a fifteen-year period provides insights into the development of an infrequently collected woody stalked gasteromycete. Color photographs of Chlamydopus collections from an Oregon site along Interstate Highway 84 from 1993-2008 illustrate for the first time its complete development from late spring emergence (with all external tissues intact) to the more commonly encountered 'bones' of specimens dried in situ during the summer. Other desert puffballs are also briefly discussed.


Basidiomycota; Phelloriniaceae; Tulostomatales; Agaricales; Artemisia tridentata; sagebrush; Washington

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2008.003.0076


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