The identity of European and North American Boletopsis spp. (Basidiomycota; Thelephorales, Boletopsidaceae)

Roy Watling, Jeremy Milne

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The identity of Boletopsis collections from North America was compared with material from Europe using molecular techniques. Sequencing of the complete ITS region was conducted to see whether or not the European material could be correlated with that from North America as the presently accepted synonymy would suggest. It was found that the North American collections could be separated into two taxa. Boletopsis grisea, as previously reported for material from both Eastern and Western States of North America; and a second taxon, Bperplexa, a newly recognized species from the British Isles, and not European B. leucomelaena, as the literature would suggest. There appears to be at least four distinct species of Boletopsis in North America: BgriseaBperplexa recently described from native Pinus sylvestris woodlands of Scotland; Bsmithii; and an undetermined taxon. The latter requires further collections and analysis.


Boletopsis; B. grisea; B. perplexa; B. smithii; Eastern North America; West Coast North America; biogeography; mycorrhiza



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