A Nomenclator of Loculoascomycetous Fungi from the Pacific Northwest

Margaret E. Barr

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Numerous taxa are included in bitunicate ascomycetes (Loculoascomycetes, Bitunicatae). Their asci are typically but not invariably fissitunicate. In the present listing most of the taxa are arranged under the Dothideomycetes. Lesser numbers of species fall into the family Herpotrichiellaceae of Chaetothyriales, Chaetothyriomycetes. The listing is based upon sources in the literature as well as on specimens examined. Approximately 620 species epithets assigned to 160 genera are included in the following list. A few of the species inserted here belong in unitunicate genera and are designated by an asterisk (*) but otherwise are not treated in detail. Other species mentioned are insufficiently known to dispose with precision.


Botryosphaeriales; Capnodiales; Chaetothyriales; Dothideales; Hysteriales; Lecanorales; Myriangiales; Patellariales; Pleosporales; Pyrenulales; Trichothyriales

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/naf2009.004.001


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