Aurantiopileus mayanensis a new genus and species of polypore (Polyporales, Basidiomycota) from Belize with connections to existing Asian species

James Ginns, Daniel L. Lindner, Timothy J. Baronia, Leif Ryvarden

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A new genus and species of polypore, Aurantiopileus mayanensis, is described from Central America based on a visually striking collection made in the cloud forests of the Maya Mountains in Belize. Phylogenetic analysis using nLSU sequences and distinctive morphological characters support the erection of a new genus to accommodate this species. Two Asian species formerly placed in Gloeoporus are also considered to be members of this new genus and the new combinations are provided, along with a key to the three taxa now placed in Aurantiopileus.


Aurantiopileus mayanensis; Gloeoporus; Phlebia; brightly colored polypores; key to species of Aurantiopileus; Doyle's Delight; Maya Mountains



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