Pluteus section Celluloderma in the U.S.A.

Andrew M. Minnis, Walter J. Sundberg

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Pluteus is a cosmopolitan euagaric genus found commonly on xyloid (woody) substrates. A taxonomic revision is presented for species of Pluteus section Celluloderma known from the U.S.A. Type studies of all taxa originally described from the U.S.A. as well as additional morphological data and keys are presented. Two new species, Pluteus deceptivus and Pluteus phaeocyanopus, and one new variety, Pluteus seticeps var. cystidiosus, are described, and the new name, Pluteus homolae, is given for Prunulus ludovicianus. Notes are provided for two extralimital taxa and three taxa that are doubtful or excluded from Pluteus section Celluloderma.


Agaricales; Agaricomycetes; Basidiomycota; Celluloderma; lectotype; Pluteaceae



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