New records of Xylariaceae from Panama

Ana Carmona, Jacques Fournier, Carl Williams, Meike Piepenbring

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Twenty-two species of Xylariaceae (Xylariales, Ascomycota) are presented as new records for Panama based on specimens recently collected in this country in Southern Central America: Annulohypoxylon multiforme, A. truncatum, Biscogniauxia capnodes, philippinensis, Camillea stellataDaldinia placentiformis, D. steglichii, Hypoxylon anthochroum, H. crocopeplum, H. fendleri, H. investiens, H. lividipigmentum, Kretzschmaria pavimentosa, K. sandvicensisNemania inmersidiscusPoronia oedipusWhalleya microplaca, Xylaria anisopleura, X. enteroleuca, X. fissilis, X. gracillima and X. schweinitzii. The number of species of Xylariaceae known for Panama thereby increases from 54 to 76 species. Some other collections correspond to new records in different provinces of Panama. Most species are rather common mostly in tropical and subtropical latitudes. Daldinia steglichii, however, is up to now only known for India and Papua New Guinea, Hypoxylon lividipigmentum only for Venezuela and Mexico, Nemania immersidiscus only for Guyana, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii and Whalleya microplaca is only known from China, Mauritius, the Philippines, the USA and Taiwan. Camillea stellata was recently (1989) described from Peru and since this date collected in Ecuador and Brazil. As Panama is located in a hotspot of biodiversity, many more species are still waiting for discovery.


Ascomycota; Camillea stellata; Daldinia steglichii; Hypoxylon lividipigmentum; Nemania immersidiscus; new records; Panama; Whalleya microplaca; Xylariaceae



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