Powdery Mildews on Weeds in the Pacific Northwest: A Miscellany of New Records

Frank M. Dugan, Dean A. Glawe

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Erysiphe polygoni on Rumex crispus, documented previously in California, is reported for the first time in the Pacific Northwest. Podosphaera (Sphaerotheca) fusca is reported in the Pacific Northwest for the first time on Taraxacum laevigatum, a host record documented previously in Europe. New host records for Idaho are Golovinomyces sordidus on Plantago majorErysiphe convolvuli on Convolulus arvensus, and Podosphaera Sphaerotheca) aphanis on Geum macrophyllumGolovinomyces (Erysiphe) cichoracearum on Cirsium arvense is reported for the first time in Washington.


Ampelomyces; biological control; biogeography; Cirsium arvense; Convolulus arvensus; Erysiphales; Erysiphye polygoni; Eyrsiphe convolvuli; Geum macrophyllum; Golovinomyces cichoracearum; Golovinomyces sordidus; plant pathogen; Plantago major; Podosphaera

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2509/pnwf.2007.002.001


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