Russula crassotunicata identified as host for Dendrocollybia racemosa

N. Machnicki, L. L. Wright, A. Allen, C. P. Robertson, C. Meyer, J. M. Birkebak, J. F. Ammirati

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Russula crassotunicata was identified as a host species for the mycosaprobic basidiomycete Dendrocollybia racemosa. Sclerotia of the latter species were harvested from the gills of sporocarps known to be R. crassotunicata and isolated in pure culture. DNA sequences of the ribosomal ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 region of these sclerotia were used to identify and phylogenetically place the species as D. racemosa. This paper represents the first report of a confirmed host for D. racemosa.


Dendrocollybia racemosa; Russula crassotunicata; Collybia; mycoparasite; mycosaprobe; sclerotia



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