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Technavio: Table Tennis Equipment Market 

The global table tennis equipment market is expected to reach USD 649.6 million by 2020, increasing at a CAGR of over two per cent, reports Technavio.

The team noted its study report titled, 'Global Table Tennis Equipment Market 2016-2020,' provides an in-depth analysis of this market concerning revenue and emerging market trends. The report has taken into account the revenue generated from the retail sales of different kinds of table tennis gear to individual customers, clubs and bars, and sports fans to figure out the market size.

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Table tennis is the most popular in Asia-Pacific (APAC) with more than 350 million players in 2015. This sport is changing into a sport in the US, which has 17 million players in 2015, compared to nearly 15 million gamers in 2006. In the UK, more than two million individuals and table tennis in 2015 had played with.

The marketplace has amount of growth factors, one of the most significant being a global rise in the number of development programs by table tennis associations like ITTF and Table Tennis England, to promote regular participation. The popularity of table tennis as a game in many nations like the US is yet another reason.

According to a release, Technavio's customer and retail analysts stipulate that the global table tennis equipment market into three big products segments. They are:-Racket-Ball-Table-OthersGlobal table tennis equipment market shares by product (2020) Product Market shares (percentage) Racket 58.68 percent Ball 19.59 percent Table 17.34 percent Others 4.45 percentGlobal dining table tennis racket marketThe table tennis racket marketplace is expected to reach USD 380.8 million by 2020, submitting a CAGR of over 2%. As the racket plays a key role in the game the table tennis racket, which is known as bat and paddle, is the segment in the table tennis gear market. The racket includes blades and rubber that can be replaceable ping pong paddle best.

Innovation in the rubber and blade is among the trends in the racket section. In 2014, STIGA published a racket known as professional and advanced players Pro Carbon. It utilizes an assortment of technologies to increase speed and the spin. However, the section has a replacement cycle for both intermediate and beginner players. Bars and clubs give rackets out on rental, which is a significant reason behind the lack of ownership of rackets by gamers.

International table tennis ball marketThe table tennis ball market is the second biggest segment in the market in 2015 with a market share of almost 20 percent. As the replacement cycle of chunk is quick the ball section is the second fastest growing category in the table tennis equipment marketplace. On an average, the ball is replaced every 2-3 sets. Change in the chunk regulations by ITTF has a major effect on its development. According to the new rule, all celluloid balls are to be replaced with plastic chunks of 40 millimeter in all ITTF tournaments.

"The ITTF has not fully prohibited celluloid balls, so these balls are still utilized in many non-ITTF games. The need of the hour is innovation in the plastic balls, as they aren't as durable as celluloid chunks," states Mantri Charan Kumar, a lead retail goods and services research analyst in Technavio.

International table tennis table marketThe dining table tennis table segment accounted for a market share of over 17 percent in 2015. The table tennis table market is reporting expansion since it's the solution, and may last over 10 decades. The initiative to increase participation of Table Tennis England has had a significant impact in the country by involvement. Another driver of the segment is the adoption of table tennis for a leisure and gathering sports in pubs and clubs in the united states.

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"The sharing of this table by lots of people and the preference of renting rather than buying a table are hindering the development opportunities in the market. One of the current trends is innovation by tracking individual movements, in table tennis, which provides analysis and real-time information for players. The implementation of such analytics at the table is going to be an increasing trend," adds Mantri.

The top vendors highlighted by Technavio's research workers within this record are:-Butterfly-Double Happiness-DONIC-JOOLA-STIGAMore details and complete details: