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Thoughts of writing service's reacher

"Joseph Campbell" (2017-10-13)

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Working for many years as teacher at I can definitely say, that the primary task of the teacher is to "enlighten" for students the road, to help find their own path of cognition. In our time, if the student wants to know something, then the information will find out for himself. The true art of being a teacher is to ask the right questions, to help shape your thoughts (giving directions to work) and to assist the students during their discoveries.

The idea of problem-oriented learning is to fuel student curiosity-that spark that motivates them to learn. If I was able to awaken my students' curiosity and love of learning, then I did my job. For everything else, there is Google.

Good teachers masterly combine ideas and find a way to "beat" any material. I almost never doubt the reaction of the students, because I know them well and sometimes I can predict what interests them. For example, last year I combined a grammar lesson with what was interesting to my students - with the latest news about stars. I printed a few news stories from Twitter stars and asked students to find grammatical errors there. They had fun and learned from the grammar more than I could have taught them.

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