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Wireless remote control for what kind of place

by cary mart (2018-03-26)

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A radio remote controller is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various remote institutions. After these signals are received by a remote receiving device, they can instruct or drive other various corresponding mechanical or electronic devices to complete various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, and starting the motor, and then performing the required operations by these machines. Where does the wireless remote control apply?


1.Industrial driving:

Industrial driving is one of the most widely used areas of remote control systems. Taking Germany as an example, it accounts for about 40% of the annual output of remote control systems; especially, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mills, material warehouses and other new vehicles are all equipped with industrial wireless. remote control;

2.Car cranes, truck cranes:

Usually, a large-scale car crane remote control system is also equipped with a data feedback device. The feedback device can display operating parameters (such as load, boom length, load torque, oil temperature, pressure, angle, etc.) on the display of the launch system. The crane can be monitored according to the display data;

3.Mining Machinery:

For occasions with low visibility in the mine, an industrial RF wireless remote control with a feedback device can be used to control the hydraulic machine. Even in places with low visibility and harsh environments, it is easy to control drilling operations in heavy drilling rigs. The operator can select the nearest location to drill holes without having to stay on the operating table of the drilling machine 10 meters away from the drilling operation point. Radio control devices use the IP65 protection standard to fully adapt to use in wet and salty environments. Greatly increases the safety, comfort and accuracy of operation, saves investment, and improves efficiency;

4.Concrete pump truck:

When the concrete pump truck is operated, the distance between the console and the pouring work surface is several tens of meters (or even hundreds of meters). The traditional operation method needs several people to complete the operation. Due to low efficiency, it limits the performance of the concrete pump truck; for long distances, the large-displacement large-scale pump truck has even more serious contradictions; the use of an industrial wireless RF controller can maximize the performance of the complete machine. After the pump driver is positioned at the working site, he can use the remote control system to operate the pump truck in turn. Such as the left and right rotation of the distribution bar, the multi-level bar bluffing and so on. The operator can carry the launch system away from the pump car console and stand directly near the hose nozzle to control the movement of the distribution bar and the operation of the concrete pump.

5.Building cranes:

In Europe and North America, more than 60% of building rotary cranes are controlled by wireless remote control, which not only saves costs when equipment is manufactured (no air console), but also guarantees safety and reliability and increases construction efficiency.

6.Special machinery such as:

The steelmaking plant slag-removing loader uses an industrial wireless remote control to remotely modify the loader. Without changing the existing manual operation mode, 100% simulates the mechanical power performance and operation functions of the original tracked track loader to achieve unmanned driving. Complete the purpose of the slag removal operation. With a lightweight transmitter, the operator is free to choose the best visual position. The remote loader runs freely during the slag removal operation. The successful use of the remote loader eliminated the previous bad environment, an unclear line of sight, hidden accidents caused by high temperature and slogging, freed the operator from the harsh environment, improved the efficiency of the slag removal operation, and improved the working environment of the metallurgical workers. Reduce the labor intensity of workers;

7.Other aspects:

With the development of industrial RF technology, industrial wireless remote controllers have been widely used in loaders, shunting locomotives, hydraulic machinery, and loading and unloading machines of mobile vehicle ports, and the market prospect is extremely broad.


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