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quality of writing

by Scarlet Kleen (2017-11-27)

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As the ace writer at from whom I got my thesis stated: quality of anything, let alone good writing, is in short supply these is, as the article eloquently points out, a lack of time; it's an old, but true adage that "Things Take Time." Reading and writing are two of the most complex skills to be taught because they both require the use of enough vocabulary, an ability to arrange thoughts in a manner that will be understood by a reader, reflection, editing, and on and on and on.

Many years before NCLB darkened and limited our curricula, another teacher and I had the luxury of team-teaching a class we called Art & Language. We were able to get a double period, and taught Reading, Writing & the integration of Art with the two around different projects, not unlike the one described at the beginning of this article. We were also working with at-risk kids, kids who had believed they had no ability in the language arts. With projects ranging from newspaper articles to poetry to posters, short plays and even short research papers, we were able - with the time - to fully engage our students, and they rose to every occasion presented. Several years later, the curriculum demands tightened, and we were back to same old same old.

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