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a calculus expert on human evolution

by Alexandra Grayson (2017-09-18)

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To a calculus expert at like me, evolution is such a joke. Even Darwin himself said we should of found hundreds of thousands of "transitional" life forms by now. Lucy is a proven hoax. A part of a monkey skeleton found almost 300 feet from a piece of a human skeleton and "Lucy" is created. human like forms were around 3.3 million years ago and supposedly they find one partial skeleton. Why do they find dinosaur bones fossilized all over the place that are 65 million+ years old but they can't find any real "half man half monkies" Also for you that believe 4.5 billion years ago "earth was a molten rock that hardened and it rained for billions of years" and then all of a sudden life formed out of the "complex chemical soup" like our kids life science books say...ask yourself this.... do you believe minerals, lightening water and rock can make life?" Not even Richard Dawkins believes that and he admitted as much to Ben Stein in that documentary he did a few years ago. he thinks life may have been "seeded" by some farrrr away advanced species that "evolved by Darwinian means" We can't even prove the theory of evolution of earth and he speculates some advanced aliens evolved as well. It's all such a joke. Anyone who does - hour of research into evolution will quickly question the paradigm they have been living in. Those of you who believe Bill Nye is a scientist..please don't @ me.

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